The Founder's Feature; Esther Wanjiru Donde


Through sharing, we find common ground, hope, meaning, and ultimately, inspiration toward action. This month on the Founders feature we speak to Esther Wanjiru Donde CEO of Graphitec Designs Limited on her inspirational journey in entrepreneurship and hear from her on the true essence on what it means to support other women.


Tell us a little about Graphitec Designs Limited and yourself. 


Graphitec Limited handles all your printing needs all under one roof. From books to signs, we have the latest commercial printing technology and the expertise to get your printed communication jobs done right.  Our core values are;

• Utmost good faith

• Excellence

• Integrity

• Delivery

I started Graphitec designs as a means of financial independence. I wanted to have my own thing that I could rely on to support myself and my child. I wanted to bring out my creativity with my work. I am driven by passion and excellence and that is something I bring out in all customer order.

Generally finding Working capital is very difficult.  How do you overcome this? 

 • Maintain good relations with your financial institution. I have been able to take advantage of invoice discounting which was offered by my bank, based on the financial relationship I had with them. 

• I have had suppliers who have offered me supplies on credit.

• Keep your overheads low. An increase in team size does not necessarily mean an increase in sales. 

• Investing in equipment or fixed assets in the printing business can be very costly. Outsource, outsource, outsource and focus more on increasing your clientele base. 

 What words of wisdom do you have for other women who are aspiring to get into business? 

Business is interesting, extremely rewarding but it is equally tough. Sometimes I see women who want to do business but they are not willing to do the work. They don’t want to get their hands dirty. With business it really means going the extra mile, doing the hours, managing employees, being tough with yourself and being tough with others. Give your business your all, be passionate and give your client your best.  Money will follow

What would you like to see more women doing in business? 

Leaning in and negotiating like they deserve it. Not accepting less because they are women. Women supporting  each other. It’s only when women start supporting each other that we will go further and improve conditions for one another. 

What does it mean to support other women? 

I think a platform like this is good. Women Sharing their stories and encouraging one another to overcome hurdles and push further in order to succeed. I am one of those people who is a strong advocate for this; at one point my friends mum had to actually meet me as she did not believe that I was willing to help her daughter embark on her new business journey. I am open to sharing information especially where I see a woman who is determined and wants to better her life. 


What is your favourite style quote?

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it" 

Lastly… tell us why do you love to shop at Sarai Afrique Fashion House

Sarai afrique fashion house offers very stylish wear for today’s modern woman.  The outfits are unique and of very good quality. They have excellent customer service and always go the extra mile to serve customers. 

Contact Esther at

 Dressed by Sarai Afrique. 


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