The Founder's Feature; Janet Mulei


At Sarai Afrique, we aim to inspire women to go above and beyond, to be confident and not shy away from chasing their dreams. Our founder features sheds light on women who inspire us, this includes women in business. On this month's issue of our founder's feature, we shine the light on Janet Mulei founder and CEO of Diamond Junior School. She opens up about her incredible journey sharing fundamental tips on handling rejection and grit for success.

When and why did start your business and what inspired you? 

"I founded Diamond Junior School in 2009 in my early twenties. My passion and my commitment to inspire children to find their true God-given potential has in many ways been shaped by my own experience, having gone through school, scoring high grades, but leaving without a clear sense of purpose and direction. It continues to be my desire that education is not only ‘academic’ but ‘wholesome’ in shaping lives and unfolding the children's strengths and identities. I wanted to make a difference for the next generation. "

Who are your clients and what need do you fill in the market? 

"I have a three-pronged approach to this: parents, students, and the globe.

  •  We walk the journey with parents as they discover their children’s unique gifts/personalities.
  • Children develop into powerful individuals who will shape the globe. 
  • Globally –we are raising a generation of game changers."

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