There are many different kinds of gowns, including A-gowns, straight gowns, high-waisted gown and evening gowns. All of them are worn primarily by women on formal occasions like weddings and parties. HOW TO WEAR STRAIGHT GOWNS These gowns are known for their linear shape. These gowns offer a more subdued look and are a perfect option for a more casual gathering like birthday and...


    When it comes to a mini bag, it can be a party bag, clutch bag or an evening bag. These are sophisticated and elegant bags that are usually quite small in size, distinguishing themself for being a comfortable accessory to use. They can be used in different types of occasions in which you do not need to carry too many things with you since...
  • How to wear a shift dress

    How to wear a shift dress

    When it comes to dresses, I like mine in shift style. I think that every female should own at least one shift dress because they work well with different body types. They’re classic and timeless. You can easily shift it from day to night, all depends on the vibe you want. Let’s dive into a few easy tips on how to wear them.
  • Maternity Fashion.

    Maternity Fashion.

    When you’re pregnant, dressing can be a major fashion challenge because your body is always changing. As your bump and you grow, it’s easy to feel unfashionable. Maternity fashion is not what it used to be. In fact, many pregnant ladies choose not to wear maternity clothes at all. Until those final days when you’re already big. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared tips to...
  • Dress and Sport shoes.

    Dress and Sport shoes.

    Overtime,fashion has proven to be timeless and this particular era is no exception.Current style trends reflect a One-ders generation that is not shy to express themselves through what they wear.One of the coolest 90s trends that still has our hearts is pairing dresses with sport shoes. This combination is all sorts of fun,trendy and chic.From cross trainers,to tennis shoes,to sneaker boots and the famously...
  • Dressing in Black (Dresses and Jumpsuits)

    Dressing in Black (Dresses and Jumpsuits)

    It is said that women who dress in black lead the most fulfilling lives and we couldn’t agree more.It is no coincidence that a black piece of clothing wouldn’t dare miss in any woman’s wardrobe.It is considered a ‘safe’ choice ,yet still an essential.Black is the absence of color but also a color,it symbolizes elegance and class,it is mysterious and leaves a lot for...
  • Love Me Hangout Event In Conjunction With PCOS Foundation Kenya.

    Love Me Hangout Event In Conjunction With PCOS Foundation Kenya.

    We aim to educate,inspire and excite women to know and develop their personal style based on their preferences,size,lifestyle,culture and age.
  • Know Your Body, Dress Your Body Season 3

    Know Your Body, Dress Your Body Season 3

    Know Your Body Dress Your Body Season 3 happened on the 5th October at Lavington Mall 2nd floor. If you missed out on this forum here is a recap of what went down.
  • Lessons From Alibaba

    Lessons From Alibaba

    Today marks a little over a year since my return from Hangzhou, China where I participated in the Alibaba E-founders fellowship. You may be wondering “why is she writing about it now?”? Let's just say after you experience a company that has a *gross merchandise value (GMV) of $1Bn (KES103 Bn) in 85 seconds and GMV of $30.8 Bn (that is a little above...
  • Undertanding Your Body Type

    Undertanding Your Body Type

    Ever found yourself admiring a dress from the display window of a store and in your mind you can already picture yourself in this dress looking all types of gorgeous ,where to wear it and how to pair with your favorite accessories. You get into the store excited to try on the beautiful piece and upon slipping in it you can’t even look at...
  • Style With Sarai

    Style With Sarai

    Fashion is meant to be fun, however,  the best way to put your seasoned style skills to use is by creating looks that feel smart and sophisticated, that is if your job actually requires you to. Here is a break down the basic style tips for the office place.
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