6 tips on getting ready for the holiday Season.


The holiday season can get quite busy, here are 5 quick tips to ensure you remain on track.

Dress for the destination.

Always ensure you are ready for the destination you are going to. If you are going to the Coast, pack up some light dresses that don’t easily crease. If you are going upcountry, some cute jackets and boots will come in handy. Whatever your destination ensure you are well packed up to look good. 

Make plans to do things with your family that are important to you.

Nothing beats family and this being the longest holiday in the year, this makes it the best time to catch up with your loved ones and spend quality time with them . Do activities that everyone can get involved in - both the young and the old. Be it charity, cooking, travelling, Christmas carols…

Budget, Budget, Budget.

Yap, its time to start budgeting and prioritizing. Budget for holidays, budget for gifts, budget your time and of course budgets for Njaanuary. Always quality over quantity, rather than having a lot of everything, it may be better to have less…but longer lasting results. 

Break-down bigger projects to smaller projects.

This season it tends to get busier with lots of activities; weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, chamas, end of year parties….it may be easier to break-down bigger projects into smaller tasks that you can monitor and track progress against.

Start thinking about menus.

Yes…food is always a happy topic. Now is a good time to start thinking of nice fun meals that can have everyone cooking together, or prepare that signature dish that everyone will love. 

Make some time for you.

Time for you is a priority.  Take time to feed your mind, your soul, your heart, your body with some alone time, some pampering, some love for the year that you have had.  Take time to meditate and to count your blessings. Lessons learnt, victories won, fears overcome, bold steps made, relationships nurtured and whatever else that you went through that didn’t break you!

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