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Wedding season is upon us, if you’ve not attended one then chances are that you have one marked on your calendar in the next few months. Weddings are colorful, vibrant and emotional affairs and although the day is about the newlyweds, the guests are important as well. After all, brides and grooms want to share their big day with the people they love and even beyond that, they want photos of their beloved friends and family. As a result, it’s important to look your best as a wedding guest. Receiving a wedding invitation can sometimes leave you clueless on what to wear especially if the invitation is vague. Here is a cheat sheet of outfits that will earn you the best dressed wedding guest.

  1. Skater Dress

This dresses are perfect for a garden wedding. They complement the cool ambiance of the setting. Skater dresses are super feminine and flattering to all body types. Don’t shy away from bold colors bring out the reds, hot pink, neon’s, orange etc. It’s also a perfect time to rock the floral prints and patterns you’ve been shelving away.



  1. Maxi dress

Maxis are the ultimate wedding guest dress, no matter what season. Their long length is super flattering and it makes them a sophisticated outfit for weddings. Try maxis with fancy designs like off-shoulder, halter &wrap around necklines, cut outs, leg slits, floral print etc. Brightly colored maxis also do the trick.Remember to accessorize your outfit fancy clutch bags, layered necklaces and chunky earrings are perfect.




  1. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. They’re versatile and easy to wear. If you choose to wear a jumpsuit remember to go for vibrant colors .prints and designs. A wide legged, strapless, asymmetrical, halter and frilled jumpsuits will keep you looking chic and stylish all day. Avoid jumpsuits with a very formal cut unless it’s a black tie wedding.


  1. Black Dress

Wearing black to a wedding is totally acceptable. There's nothing better than putting on your most flattering black dress, and you can be assured that no matter what year it is, it's always in style. Incorporate prints, colored shoes and statement accessories to add an extra glam to your outfit.



  1. Off-shoulder dress/Top

The off-shoulder is a fun filled style that allows you to show some skin while keeping it modest. They’re endless options when it comes to this design. Try a dress with ruffles/ lace at the shoulders for a fun option, fancy off-shoulder tops paired with a skirt/pants is also a great option. If you’re attending a beach /garden wedding this is your go to outfit remember to choose the dress design depending on your body type.Sarai-Afrique-Fashion-HouseSarai-Afrique-Fashion-HouseSarai-Afrique-Fashion-House

  1. Floral Print Dress

Floral print is the perfect answer to all your guest attire questions this wedding season. They're vibrant,warm and colorful,if you're wearing florals its good to consider the size of the print. Petite ladies should go for smaller prints while curvy ladies should choose large prints.


  1. Accessories

Once you’ve nailed your wedding look and you’re totally happy with it, you can start to have some fun with your accessories. Depending on the look you’ve decided to opt for, accessorizing is always different. If you’ve chosen a very simple dress, you might want to transform it with sparkling and heavily detailed jewelry. If your outfit is lace, embellished or printed, you’ll most likely want to opt for simple, elegant jewelry.

Incorporate Fancy hats, fascinators and sunglasses to add a chic vibe to your outfit.


  1. Bags

Considering what type of bag you need to take with you all depends on your personal taste and how much moving around you will be doing at the wedding. Clutches are always elegant for weddings. They come in different sizes, designs and are lightweight making them the most popular bags to complete your wedding guest outfit.

Wristlets are also ideal to carry to a wedding not only are the y functional they're fashion statements.


  1. Shoes

When choosing the perfect shoe to pair with your dress it’s always a good idea to take into consideration the formality of the event as well as, season, place and theme of the wedding. There are endless options when it comes to opt for nice sandals/flats for a beach wedding. Wedges/Kitten heels/Block heels/Strappy heels for a garden wedding. Opt for stilettos, pumps, sandals for an indoor wedding.



Remember we all have different body types and what may work for one will not work for the other person. If you find it hard to shop or getting dressed a hard task join us for our Know your body dress your body classes that happen every two months. For more information follow us on our social media platforms.

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