Kaftan / caftan has been and still is a fashion trend. Most people know this dress as a staple outfit for the coast people. But this narrative is slowly evolving and making this amazing piece a versatile outfit for any lady. 

Kaftans is a collarless long top with mostly a round neck neckline and is usually a free-sized outfit with sleeves depending on one’s preferences. It can be stitched from a variety of fabrics but the most common ones include cotton, satin, nylon, or silk fabrics. The fabric may be plain or have a certain print.

If you are looking to get yourself a beautiful kaftan, we've got you. Our kaftans are made of a very comfortable, luxurious, elegant, and beautiful fabric: Silk. Silk is no doubt the most comfortable, all-weather fabric that makes you feel relaxed and gorgeous as a lady. If that is not enough, it gives you a more feminine touch.


The best part is that accessorizing kaftans is not an uphill task. A gold pair of earrings and a small nice handbag or clutch bag can do the most. You can either wear high-heeled shoes, flip flops, or sandals depending on what you are comfortable in and the event at hand. In conclusion, a kaftan is a must-have dress in your personal collection. It should be your go-to outfit all day every day.

kaftan -sarai afrique

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