Dress and Sport shoes.


Overtime,fashion has proven to be timeless and this particular era is no exception.Current style trends reflect a One-ders generation that is not shy to express themselves through what they wear.One of the coolest 90s trends that still has our hearts is pairing dresses with sport shoes. This combination is all sorts of fun,trendy and chic.From cross trainers,to tennis shoes,to sneaker boots and the famously tried and true chunky soled sport shoes, you wont miss to turn heads and we guarantee that worn correctly, one is bound to make a bold fashion statement.The next time you are rummaging through your closet trying to figure out what to wear,we highly recommend that you think about those New Balance or Fila sneakers paired with one of our cute,pleated skater dresses and if this is not convincing enough here is why:


Wearing dresses with sport shoes is one of the most comfortable combinations there was,is and ever will be.With this outfit, you can walk miles and do so much without feeling some discomfort on your feet. On less busy days you can opt for a lose fitting slip dress and a chunky pair of sport shoes but a less chunkier pair when running errands.


Lets also take a minute to recognize how fun and chic this outfit combination is.It is a quick and easy way of turning your usual bright coloured sleeveless dress into a much cooler outfit by pairing it with cute sneaker boots.For darker or plain colored dresses you can go for bright colored sport shoes like white or pink pair or those with similar colorways.


Another winning attribute is the fact that most sport shoes are cost efficient.You spend so much less and gain so much more through the vast array of looks that can be created using these shoes. A wide range of dress types such as the body con, slip, pinafore and shirt dress are among our greatest picks that can be complimented by a good pair of sneakers and hence, every woman needs one in their closet.


As Heraclitus once put it, “Change is the only constant in life” and in fashion it is inexorable. Let’s be honest,we all love outfits we can switch up depending on where we are going and what we are going to do. Dresses and sport shoes provide an opportunity to exert our creativity.While the weather warms up you can wear a shorter dress with a comfortable pair or sport shoes so as not overwork your body and also enjoy God given fresh air.In cold weather you can pair your pinafore denim dress with a T-shirt or a turtle neck top underneath or wear a maxi metallic pleated dress with your good old pair of sneakers.


This dress and sport shoes combo is also quite flexile and can be worn with different layers of clothing and jackets from a leather jacket for a night out,to a boyfriend jacket to the office and a denim jacket to a brunch with friends or family.To add oomph to your dress and sneaker combo,throw on a few accessories like a pair of sun glasses,layered neck chain,hoop earrings and a Fedora or any other hat that best suits your face shape.

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