Dressing in Black (Dresses and Jumpsuits)


It is said that women who dress in black lead the most fulfilling lives and we couldn’t agree more.It is no coincidence that a black piece of clothing wouldn’t dare miss in any woman’s wardrobe.It is considered a ‘safe’ choice ,yet still an essential.Black is the absence of color but also a color,it symbolizes elegance and class,it is mysterious and leaves a lot for the imagination,it represents strength and power,it is a formal and professional color which can also be sexy & sophisticated and most importantly, it positively influences the mind and body by helping to create an unobtrusive feeling and boosting confidence in appearance

The overall impression is that black is a must have basic , quite easy to style and in most occasions you'd never go wrong even while taking style out dares, but the most interesting thing about dressing in black, especially dresses and jumpsuits has to be the beauty that comes with how effortlessly gorgeous the general silhouette of an outfit appears.

Let’s talk about 10 reasons why you should incorporate this color in your closet:

         Black Dress
  • Black can be worn to a number of occasions: to work for instance a black body con or knee length skater dress can be paired with a light or bright colored blazer and stiletto heels for a professional look. To a party the little black dress or a jumpsuit wins. And when going out for lunch or an event a flowy black maxi dress is a sure way to dress comfortably enough to walk around and chic enough to cause a sensation.

           short black dress

  • Black is also a perfect color for flattering the figure as it cinches the body in all the right places and has a slimming effect. Nothing does this more desirably than a nicely fitting black mermaid shaped or body con dress. Honestly, what’s better than creating an illusion in its most rightful sense.


  • Black goes well with almost any color of accessory,blazer and shoes.This has to be its greatest attribute because a black pleated skirt can be worn with most if not all designs of heels, and sneakers or sandals for a more laid-back look.

  • Outfits that have black incorporated in them are also pretty easy to put together.You really don’t have to be a stylist figure out what shoes,jewellery or handbag you can pair with your black sheath dress.
  • Black is also a cross seasonal outfit,all weather and quite easy to switch up. In warm weather a black skater dress can be worn with a cute pair of ballet shoes while in cold weather,a pair of stockings and blazer can be incorporated.


  • A black outfit also has a way of camouflaging stains so during those events that are actively engaging and require you to be running up and down,you could consider wearing a black jumpsuit .You will move freely, work easily and still stay put together.
  • Black also never goes out of style.From runways, street style, official wear, event wear and day to day dress up,black remains a common color for easy styling
  • Wearing black also flatters every skin tone and makes other parts of the outfit pop.If you have had a statement jewelry like a chunky necklace and have never found a way to rock it, look no further than your black tent dress or plain black jumpsuit.
  • Black also helps experiment with out of the ordinary fabrics such as faux suede or nappy leather.You can switch everything all the way up by wearing a black satin or silk slip dress to a day event just to make a statement.


  • Wearing black is an extremely ideal way to look stylish without trying too hard.It screams elegance and class, and that is just about what every woman needs. So, until a darker color than black is invented ensure to take advantage of its advantage

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