Dressing A Pear Body Shape


Most people are of the opinion that pear-shaped bodies are the easiest to dress. However, if you have a pear shaped body, you know that finding an outfit that is perfect could be quite challenging. By finding the correct pieces, fortunately, you can dress your pear shape and flatter that figure. Are you pear-shaped?

• Are your hips wider than your shoulders?

• Are your hips and backside fuller and rounder?

• Are your shoulders round and sloping?

• Are your thighs the first area where the extra pounds pack?

• Is your bust fuller than your waist?

• Is your waistline well-defined?

If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, you are definitely pear-shaped.


What is flattering for the pear shaped body?

Most pear shapes have the advantage of a well-defined waist; sometimes even natural abs that are an envious sight to behold. As such they have the advantage of playing around with different patterns, colors, and prints.

The Best Tops For a Pear body type

When it comes tops. Here are a few must have power pieces for the pear-shaped woman.

· You never go wrong with fitted tops and shirts. They can be paired with pant suits, skirts or jeans. They draw more attention to the upper part of the body, averting attention from the hip area.

· Go for pronounced necklines. Deep Vs, wide necks..they all flatter the pear shape. Accessories with statement neckpieces also flatters the look further.

·Go for bold colors and prints. Do not shy away from throwing that neon green top on you. Play around with different patterns as well; mix and match them. You got this, pear.

The Best Bottoms For a Pear body type

As a pear you want minimal attention on your lower body. Keep away from prints,short skirts as well as avoid tight pants/skirts.

·Dark colored bottoms- A dark-colored bottom creates the illusion of appearing slimmer, which is is most complimentary for a pear-shaped body type.

·Flared hems/boot cuts-The flared hem adds to the slimming effect to achieve a well-balanced and distributed body shape.

·A-line skirts- A-line skirts are a pear-shaped woman’s best friend.They emphasize the waist and people can't notice the wider hips


The Best Dresses For a Pear body type

·The A-line is a very pear-friendly dress. They tend to have a slimming effect, making your hips and backside look smaller. They are especially great for formal occasions as they ooze elegance and sophistication.

·Wrap dresses-Not only are wrap dresses practically made for a pear-shaped body, they’re also quite a popular dress trend. The wrapped belt flatters in all the right places.

·Off shoulder& Sleeveless dresses- They add volume to your upper body by showing off your shoulders.To further accentuate your upper body, pick a dress with some detailing along the bust.

Sarai-Afrique-Dresses-Pear-body -type

The Best Blazers For a Pear body type

·One rule when choosing a blazer for the pear shape is that it should not go past mid-thigh.

· Waist length blazers are great as they accentuate the waistline.

·Princess cuts and A-line blazers are also statement pieces for the pear-shaped woman.

·Belted blazers are also a good option for the pear shape because they draw attention to the waist.

Wondering about celebrity motivation to dress the pear? Worry no more. Here are a fee celebrities that may inspire your style; Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez among others.

Have fun dressing your pear. Be bold with colors, be creative with patterns, accessorize correctly and strut that pear!


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