Dressing A Rectangle/Straight Body Type


Has it ever been said that you have a "boyish frame" Or, "you must play a lot of sports”, well this is what we call the straight/rectangle body type. As a Straight or Rectangle body shape, your bust and hips are balanced and your waist is not very defined. You tend to gain weight first in your upper thighs, arms and torso.
What is flattering for the rectangle shaped body?
If you have a straight body shape, you may be wondering what the most flattering clothes are. Let us be the first to tell you, your shape looks great in almost everything. You have the ability to flaunt or conceal as much as you feel comfortable with and balance is easily obtained like yin and yang with your figure. The secret of dressing a straight body type is to dress your top and bottom proportionally, enhancing your waist. 
The Best Dresses for a rectangle Body Type
When it comes to dresses, most styles work on you so it’s all about figuring out which feature you want to play up.
• Empire cut dress-They make your bust bigger and 'push them up' and add some weight on top and make your waist look smaller at the same time.
• Sheath dresses- Sheath dresses work well for a rectangle shaped body because they drape straight down and cover a multitude of problem areas (if any)
• Shirt dresses- Shirt dresses with belts are also an excellent option, but be wary of excessive shoulder detail like epaulets, which can make your shoulders look broader than they really are.
• A-line dresses- They add volume to your lower body and give you a defined waist line. Go for a shorter hemline to show off your legs.
• Wrap dresses- The wrap around dresses emphasizes on the waistline and accentuates your curves in the right way.

The Best Tops for a Rectangle Body Type
To create a more defined waist, look for tops that will add curves to your upper half:
• Tops with necklines like cross over, v-neck, cowl neck, square neck and round neck are all great choices for your Rectangle shape.;
• Tops with interesting details like Frills and bows, ruffles, ruched sleeve, trumpet sleeve, embellishments etc
• Tops that end at your waistline and can be tucked in.

The Best Bottoms for a Rectangle Body Type
• Slim fit or straight cut pants-Most of the rectangle shape bodies have good legs that need to be dressed well in well-fitted pants
• Choose high waist pants with a wide waistband
• Wide legged and boot cut pants also look amazing on you. They make the waist look smaller
• Mermaid/flared/tiered skirts –The flared hemline gives you shape on your lower body
• From A-line to full circle, pencil to ruffle skirts-Focus on girly and flirty skirts that will give you a feminine shape. You have great legs so show them off in shorter hems.

The Best Blazers for a Rectangle Body Type
Well fitted jackets with waist shaping (nipped in or belted) and slightly flaring towards the hips can make the rectangle body shape look really curvy and alluring. Short jackets are also your best friend.

Style Tip; A rectangle body shape closet essential is the waist belt .It’s the last minute solution to trimming waist as well as a stylish final touch to your ensemble.

Please share your comments, more tips on how to dress the rectangle body shape as well as any questions you may have in the comment section.

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